Diet Meal Plans

…There are a number of important questions dieters may have regarding diet meal plans:

  • Are diet meal plans more effective or less effective than traditional online diets?
  • Do diet meal plans taste good?
  • Are they more expensive or less expensive than my current meal budget?

We will review the three diet meal plans that won our highest award to answer these questions.

Are Diet Meal Plans Effective?
Diet meal plans are extraordinarily effective:

  • Diet meal plans are nutritionally balanced to keep you healthy
  • They are balanced with the proper allotment of carbs / fats / protein to ensure you lose weight
  • Diet meal plans avoid the cheating when you “do it yourself” online
  • They are very convenient for you so you don’t have to cook
  • Diet meal plans make it easy to lose weight consistently each week

Diet Meal Plans Are EffectiveWhen the first meal plans were introduced several decades ago, the food was freeze dried, and contained unhealthy ingredients like preservatives.

Many still remember the bad reputation of those first diet meal plans, and it lingers in the back of the mind for many.

Now meals are delivered “fresh”, and with a very scientific approach to nutritional requirements.

Bottom Line: Diet meal plans are now delicious and nutritionally balanced, making it very easy for dieters to lose weight.


Do Diet Meal Plans Taste Good?
Dieters have been ecstatic with how delicious the food really is. But there are differences:

Diet To Go
just won the 2012 blind taste test for taste and nutrition by the food experts at But their customers were already heaping praise on the those delicious meals. Dieters lose 2-3 pounds per week.

Medifast takes a completely different approach by providing everything except the “lean” portion, like chicken or meat – so you have very fresh entrees. They provide everything else that you need. Dieters lose 2-5 pounds per week.

Bistro MD is well known for their gourmet food and fancy dishes. Dieters have commented for some time how great the food is with their diet meal plans, and the customization options are numerous. Dieter results have been very positive.

The overwhelming verdict by dieters is that you will stay with these meal plans and lose weight because their food is so delicious, and that these are diets that work.

Conversely, we found that when dieters couldn’t handle the taste of certain diet meal plans (no names mentioned here), there was no inclination to stick with the diet.

Bottom Line: These three diet meal plans are delicious, and their dieters tend to stay on the plan and lose weight.


Are Meal Plans Affordable Or Expensive?
Diet meal plans are very comparable to what you already spend on food:

  • The three plans above average between $6.50 – $7.80 per meal
  • All plans offer three full meals for 5 or 7 day plans, and some include snacks

Diet Meal Plans Are AffordableThese meals are very inexpensive. If you compare the true cost of the food you buy when you shop or dine out, it is clear that diet meal plans compare favorably.

The truth is that we spend way more at the store, and worse yet, we tend to buy all sorts of unhealthy “food”.

All of these diet meal plans are designed to be nutritious, with the proper mix of carbs, protein and fat to accelerate the weight loss process. It would be very difficult to achieve the same results on your own.

Bottom Line: Diet meal plans are very affordable, and most say it has a neutral impact on their budget.


Survey Results On Meal Delivery Plans
In a recent survey we asked visitors their general thoughts on diet meal plans:
Diet Meal Plans Really Do WorkMost dieters said it was easier to lose weight with diet meal plans than doing it alone online. They said the meal plan made it easy because those meals already had a “good nutritional balance”.Most of the dieters said, “Yes”, these diet meal plans really do work. Dieters lost anywhere from 2-5 pounds per week – the majority lost 2-3 pounds per week.

Most said that they still had to fight the urge to “cheat”, but that paying for the food created more of a commitment and inclination to fight that urge.

Bottom Line: Dieters say that diet meal plans are extraordinarily effective.


Dieters that are truly interested in losing weight should take a very serious look at these three diet meal plans. They each have a multitude of success stories.


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