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Editor's Choice - Diet To GoDiet To Go is one of our top picks of the premier diet meal plans, and they have a very wide range of delicious low-fat, low-carb and vegetarian dishes.

Diet To Go just won the 2012 blind taste for best diet meals by the food experts at They handily beat all of the competitors, and their meals rate as the best tasting and most nutritious.

They not only deliver savory food right to your front door, but they also have locations where you can pick up fresh prepared meals in several major cities.

Diet To Go meals are also at the very low end of the price range for diet meal plans. Dieters are ecstatic to find that they can have healthy, great tasting meals delivered at an affordable price.

Here is why Diet To Go earned our Editor’s Choice award for diets that work:

Diet To Go – Why It Works
Diet To Go provides a lot of options, and the food tastes great:

  • You can choose 5 or 7 day meal plans
  • You can choose 2 (lunch and dinner) or 3 (breakfast, lunch and dinner) meals per day
  • You can select 1200 calorie or 1600 calorie meals
  • You can customize for allergies and sensitivities
  • You can select low-fat, low carb or vegetarian meals

Note: All meals meet the guidelines by the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society, and all meals are inspected by the USDA daily for safety.

Low Fat Meals Low Carb Meals Low Carb Vegetarian Meals
Low Fat meals have great options:

  • 1200 or 1600 calorie plans
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Fruits, vegetables, sides, and condiments included
  • Low in sodium
  • Customize for allergies and sensitivities
Low Carb meals that you will love:

  • Atkins-style low carb plan
  • Fresh ingredients
  • All sides and condiments included
  • 30 net carbs per day
  • Perfect balance for low carb dieters
Vegetarian meals that are healthy:

  • 1200 or 1600 calorie plans
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Fruits sides and condiments included
  • Ovo-Lacto (dairy and eggs)
  • Customize for allergies and sensitivities
Diet To Go – Sample Menu
Here’s a sample of the delicious foods delivered from Diet To Go:

Low Fat Sample Menu

Low Fat Menu

Low Carb Sample Menu

Low Carb Menu

Vegetarian Sample Menu

Low Fat Vegetarian Menu

Diet To Go – Customization Of Meals
Diet To Go has a number of ways to customize your meals:

Freshness and Variety: All meals are delivered once a week to ensure freshness. Diet To Go has four delicious weekly menus that repeat themselves every four weeks.

Meal Customization: Your meal plan will be customized according to your goal. So whether you are looking to just lose a few pounds, eat healthy or really cut some weight, Diet To Go will help you achieve your objectives.

Diabetes Management: Diet To Go’s meal plans meet the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. You will receive the proper balance of carbs and proteins to ensure that you always eat healthy, nutritious meals.

Allergies and Preferences: Regardless of your food allergies or taste preferences, your meal plan can be modified to eliminate certain foods. Diet To Go provides you with a large list to make substitutions.

Favorite Foods: You always have the option to substitute from the large list of substitution meals, or you can double up on your favorite foods that happen to occur during any of your regular Diet To Go menu cycles.

Note: Diet To Go has delicious meals that are currently the highest rated in the meal delivery marketplace. They are also among the least expensive.

Diet To Go vs. The Competition
Diet To Go delivers strong value to dieters:

Diet To Go Cost Comparison


Diet To Go Summary

Pros: Diet To Go has outstanding food, and their food is rated #1 for taste and nutrition among all meal plans. They keep it simple with three core meal plans, and get high marks for all of the options to customize those meal plans. Once you try the meals, you will be hooked.

Cons: This program, like most meal plans, is best intended for dieters who enjoy the discipline and results of a meal plan without all of the handholding.

Bottom Line: Diet To Go will really help you lose the weight – with a big smile on your face. The food is delicious and affordable, and most dieters are able to consistently lose 2-3 pounds per week with their meals.

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