Does The Flex Belt Work

The Flex Belt - Editor's ChoiceOne of the first questions people have is “Does the Flex Belt Work”? The answer is yes, and there are a number of reasons why.

We all have seen countless gadgets and gizmos on late night infomercials, and a good number of us probably bought some of those dust collectors. So you should be naturally skeptical.

Making it even more confusing, there are other abdominal exercise belts out there, and they are essentially cheap knock-offs of the Flex Belt. And they don’t work.

What we will do below is review the facts, why the Flex Belt does work, and provide you with some solid reassurance if you are contemplating purchasing this product.

The Flex Belt Is A Type II Medical Device
  • The Flex Belt is the first EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) device of its kind cleared for sale by the FDA. If you know how the FDA works, then you already know that obtaining FDA approval is a monumental task. An FDA approval speaks volumes about whether the Flex Belt works.
  • The Flex Belt also conforms to the Medical Device Directive – 93/42/EEC. This means that it meets the standard of a Type II Medical Device. A high quality level is needed to meet that stringent requirement.
  • The Flex Belt also uses three pre-positioned medical grade GelPads. The GelPads are strategically placed to deliver the electronic pulses to specific abdominal muscles – and this is another reason the Flex Belt works so well.
  • The Flex Belt is manufactured by a company that has been in business for 40 years. They make medical devices that are used and prescribed in over 5,000 clinics worldwide.
It’s All About Those Electronic Pulses
  • If you were to spend your time researching the other late night infomercial abdominal belts, you would find numerous complaints from people who purchased those products.
  • The biggest complaints on the other devices pertain to: 1) The electronic pulses on these other devices are often abrupt, jerky and uncomfortable, and; 2) Those products don’t deliver results.
  • With the Flex Belt, the electronic pulses are very smooth, and you can adjust the intensity from 1 – 150. The pulses that you sense and feel on the Flex Belt are pleasant and apparent. More on this in Flex Belt Reviews.
  • All of your abdominal muscles will slowly contract, they will hold in a tensed position, and then they will relax. And this process continues to repeat itself.
  • The Flex Belt is using the latest science available today to firm and tone stomach muscles. The Flex Belt really does work.
What The Users Are Saying
Cosmopolitan Magazine invited their readers to try the Flex Belt and see if it worked:

  • 100% of users said the Flex Belt worked
  • 96% said they would continue to use the Flex Belt
  • 92% said it was easy to fit in their daily routine

There are numerous doctors, movie stars, athletes and models that use the Flex Belt, and you can find them on the website. What we look for are testimonials from the regular folks (and there are hundreds) – here’s just a few:


Does The Flex Belt Work?

Does The Flex Belt Work?So if you are wondering “Does The Flex Belt Work?“, the answer is a resounding Yes. Go ahead and check out all of the happy customers and testimonials.

One of the things we all worry about is our stomach. The Flex Belt is not a diet, but it can amazingly flatten and strengthen your stomach.

And you will feel better about yourself because you will look better.

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