The Dukan Diet Plan

Dukan Diet Founder - Dr. Pierre DukanThe Dukan Diet has been the leading diet in France and Europe for the past 20 years, and now has officially opened up in the United States.

Dr. Pierre Dukan has been a prominent figure in clinical nutrition for 35 years, and has helped over 40,000 dieters during that time.

The Dukan Diet Plan takes an unusual approach by approving 100 different foods you can eat – in any amount that you wish. The diet has four distinct phases, and the first phase is very aggressive in losing the majority of your excess weight.

Since the diet emphasizes eating healthy unprocessed foods and cutting back on unnecessary carbohydrates, dieters have reported very positive results in weight loss, cholesterol reduction and lower blood pressure.

The Dukan Diet achieved world-wide prominence when it was learned that the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, used the Dukan Diet to prepare for the Royal Wedding.

Here are some of the things you will learn with the Dukan Diet:

The Dukan Diet – Why It Works
The Dukan Diet Plan helps you lose weight quickly:

  • The Dukan Diet has four distinct phases that dieters find easy to manage
  • The first phase, the attack phase, drops weight quickly
  • 51% of dieters are reporting significantly lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • 38% of dieters are reporting substantial decreases in blood sugar
  • The diet builds in “cheats” to prevent weight rebounds
Phase 1 – Attack Phase 2 – Cruise
  • Pure protein kick-start
  • 68 different high protein foods
  • Immediate and noticeable weight loss in this phase
  • 32 vegetables are added to diet
  • Alternate protein days with protein + vegetable days
  • 3 days for each pound you want to lose
Phase 3 – Consolidation Phase 4 – Permanent Stabilization
  • Geared to prevent weight rebound
  • Return of ‘forbidden’ food
  • Two celebration meals per week
  • 5 days for every pound lost in Phase 2
  • Incorporates all 3 Phases above
  • Adds 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day
  • Choose to take stairs when possible
  • Pure protein day once a week

Note: The most impressive part of the Dukan Diet is that it manages hunger in an outstanding manner. By managing carbs and blood sugar levels – which in turn decreases hunger – dieters are having a very easy time losing weight and sticking to this diet.

This has been Europe’s #1 diet for over two decades, and has just recently been made available in other countries. Dr. Dukan’s approach in cutting carbs is not new. What is new is the emphasis the Dukan Diet places in avoiding weight rebounding.

This diet is intended to make permanent changes in your diet coupled with healthy eating. So if you are among the 95% of dieters that rebound after a popular diet, then you should give very serious consideration to the Dukan Diet.

By focusing on the worst problem dieters have – rebounding – while still accomplishing a very healthy diet regimen, the Dukan Diet has won a spot as one of our top diets that work.

Dukan Diet Summary

The Dukan Diet - Editor's ChoicePros: The Dukan Diet Plan has received rave reviews from dieters all over the world mainly due to the quick weight loss and its uncanny ability to manage hunger. Dieters comment that this is the one diet that has the most ‘lasting’ results.

The Attack Phase is credited with achieving very quick weight loss which, in turn, makes it exciting to stick with the plan. The various phases of the plan are customized based on the time it will take to permanently lose the weight the individual dieter needs to lose.

The diet has proven to substantially lower blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides which is a huge benefit for those with pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes.

Cons: The diet really goes after carbs and unprocessed foods. If this is a large part of someone’s diet, those dieters will experience the most changes to their diet – and will also benefit the most from those changes.

Bottom Line: The Dukan Diet is an extremely healthy diet that has a vast and proven record of success. This diet works for all body types, and encourages exercise and activity which is commendable. Dieters are ecstatic with the quick weight loss in the beginning of the plan, and also comment how they are able to avoid rebounding after the initial phases are completed. This is an excellent, proven, safe diet plan.

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