Joy Bauer Diet

Top Rated - Joy Bauer DietJoy Bauer, who has one of the largest nutrition centers in the country, earned a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition at New York University.

Joy is the ongoing TODAY Show Nutrition Expert, and provides counsel to people of all ages including athletes, celebrities and high profile professionals. You will also see Joy Bauer in Woman’s Day and Parade.

Why the Joy Bauer Diet Program is so successful is her unique approach to selecting food that you will like. This has greatly increased the success rate of dieters sticking to a healthy, nutritious, low glycemic diet that helps you lose weight.

Here is why Joy Bauer earned our Editor’s Choice award for diets that work:

Joy Bauer Diet Plan – Why It Works
The Joy Bauer Diet Program is highly effective, and her approach is simple:

  • Eating food you like increases your ability to lose weight successfully
  • Personalize your diet and fitness program to meet your needs
  • Work with a highly trained fitness coach
  • Use her highly regarded online tools
The Plan Online Tools
The Joy Bauer Plan emphasizes:

  • Low Carbs
  • Good Fats
  • Lean Proteins
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Exercise
Dieters really like her online tools:

  • Log of Daily Calories
  • Diet and Fitness Calculators
  • Recipes
  • Trading Success Stories
  • Access to her “11 Skinny Foods”
Four Simple But Effective Principles
Joy Bauer has four core principles that will make you succeed:

  • Release the negative feelings about your body and dieting
  • Relearn which foods will make you feel good and give you pleasure
  • Reshape your lifestyle to include greater activity and expend more energy
  • Reveal your new body and new attitude to the world

Note: Dieters rave about her 11 “skinny foods” which speed up weight loss efforts and trick the senses.

After filling out a profile, you receive a highly personalized diet and fitness program along with a wellness coach who was trained by Ms. Bauer.

The program also endeavors to cut through all the hearsay and overload of information concerning low carbs and low fats.

Joy Bauer runs a first class diet program, and richly deserves to be one of our top diets that work.

Joy Bauer Diet Summary

Top Rated - Joy Bauer Diet PlanPros: Joy Bauer overcomes diet failure by helping you choose foods that you really like, and that helps you stick with a properly nutritious diet that accelerates your weight loss.

Her 11 “skinny foods” is outstanding in how it tricks your mind and body into feeling full and speeding up weight loss.

Cons: There really is no downside to this diet. It gets you to do all of the right things, and that is exactly why the high profile crowd all come to Joy Bauer to lose the weight.

Bottom Line: Joy Bauer is a bit of jedi master. She understands why people have failed in previous diets, and carefully removes all of the obstacles – like only eating food you really like – to get you to shed the weight.

If you have tried a few diets with disappointing results, this is the diet that you really should try.

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