Paleo Diet Recipes

…New diet based on the healthy eating of our ancestors is surprisingly effective.

Editor's Choice - The Paleo Recipe BookThe Paleo Recipe Book is our top choice if you want access to the most delicious diet recipes to lose weight. These recipes are very healthy.

Based on the healthy eating of our ancestors in the paleolithic era, humans did not suffer from diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, and many other diseases.

They ate healthy foods such as meat, fish, fruit, vegeatbles, eggs and nuts – and what they ate was nutritious.

The Paleo Diet is one of the newest diets, and has been receiving a lot of attention from the media due to its healthy ingredients.

We have found from years of experience that a successful diet requires healthy foods in the proper portions. But we have also found that a diet needs to be pleasant enough so that the dieter stays on the diet.

We are confident that the Paleo Diet Recipe Book will re-energize your weight loss goals because the recipes are absolutely delicious.

Here is why The Paleo Diet Recipe Book earned our Editor’s Choice award for diets that work:

The Paleo Diet Recipe Book
Here is what you receive with the Paleo Recipe Diet:

  • You get 370 Healthy Recipes in over 18 different food groups
  • An 8 Week Full Diet Plan to jump start your weight loss
  • Recipes for 15 of the Most Delicious Desserts that you will ever eat
  • An Herb & Spice Guide where you will learn to create the most delicious flavors for food
  • An additional 30 Quick & Complete Paleo Meals to help you get started fast

Paleo Diet Recipes

So why is this diet recipe book any different from other recipes all over the internet? This diet takes us back to the core healthy foods our ancestors ate without getting food related diseases.

This recipe book teaches you how to cook incredibly healthy foods with the most delicious flavors you will ever savor. Here are some examples of the meals:

Delicious Recipes You Will Learn To Make
Healthy, delicious meals that will ensure you lose weight:

  • Garlic and herb stuffed lamb shanks
  • Beef Rib roast with green peppercorn sauce
  • Balsamic roast chicken with cherry tomatoes
  • Ginger and citrus Roast chicken
  • Cocunut red snapper and pineapple salsa
  • Basil and cilantro marinated calamari
  • Cilantro pork stirfry
  • Duck and orange stirfry
  • Roasted beets with dill-walnut vinaigrette
  • Braised cabbage with bacon
  • Bacon, grape and broccoli salad
  • Balsamic vinegar and oregano tomato salad
  • Guacamole and salsa omelette
  • Cinammon and apple omelette
  • French onion soup with baked ham
  • Thai chicken soup
  • Rasberry walnut vinaigrette
  • Tangerine and pineapple vinaigreete

The Paleo Recipe Diet is available online for download to your personal computer, so you can start this healthy diet immediately.

We have reviewed countless recipes and recipe books, but the Paleo Recipe Book stands out head and shoulders above the rest. You will drop weight very quickly – you will be healthy – and you will be excited to eat these delicious meals.

Paleo Diet Recipes Summary

Editor's Choice - Paleo RecipesPros: The Paleo Recipe Book is proving to be the most effective do-it-yourself diet on the market. With the online coupon below, you are able to get the entire diet and recipes for $27 (instead of $39). Dieters are ecstatic with the results, and say this diet works quickly to shed the weight.

The recipes are beyond delicious, and you end up becoming an outstanding cook to boot. It is really easy to lose weight if you don’t feel like you are dieting. With the Paleo Recipe Book, you do not feel like you are dieting, and you do not get hungry as with other diets.

Cons: This diet relies on you to actually cook! But what dieters have found is that when you really love the recipes, it is a joy to cook delicious meals.

Bottom Line: The Paleo Recipe Book is such a refreshing change from the other diets. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, so long as you are willing to eat healthy foods. We have become so accustomed to eating prepared junk foods that many of us have forgotten how our Moms always worked hard to prepare healthy foods for the family. This is exactly what our Moms would have done – if she had a chef helping her in the kitchen. Dieters are raving about the results and the deliciousness of the meals. This is an excellent, proven, safe diet plan.

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